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Songs from North Queensland
Recorded by Alice M Moyle
Product Description
Track List
  1. Welten songs and calls
  2. ‘Shake-a-Leg’: Spear fight
  3. Three fish poisoning songs
  4. Women’s songs
  5. Women’s songs
  6. Mortuary songs: Djawala (excerpts from two sections of a ceremonial series)
  7. Waterspout
  8. ‘Crying’ song
  9. ‘Shake-a-Leg’ songs
  10. Three Wanam songs
  11. Wanam song
  12. Antjelam song
  13. Wintjinam items
  14. a. Cross Shark, b. Sugar Bag or Wild Honey
  15. Women’s Wu-ungka
  16. White Crane
  17. Engwe songs
  18. a. Innikan; b. Oyurlu (Emu); c. Kwara
  19. Dinghy, or Boat on Batavia River
  20. a. Sunset (‘Sun goes down’) in Kundjen; b. Sunset (‘Sun goes down’) in Kokomindjen; c. ‘DC 3’ (Aeroplane).
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