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Djambidji: An Aboriginal Song Series from Northern Australia
Preformed by Frank Gurrmanamana, Frank Malkorda and Sam Gumgum
Product Description
Track List
  1. Dalwurra, Black Bitten; three verses
  2. Wurragulama, Green Turtle; four verses
  3. Marrawal, Sprit Man; two verses
  4. Balidja/Wodbarridja, Small Tuber; three verses
  5. Djurdi-djurda, Small Bird; two verses
  6. Djodja, Red-cheeked Marsupial Mouse; four verses
  7. Galauwun, Silver-crowned Friar-bird; two verses
  8. Wang-gurra, Brindled Bandicoot; one verse
  9. Wama-dubun, Wild Honey (Sugar Bag) and Hollow Log; five verses
  10. Anmurnabama, King Brown Snake; three verses
  11. Ngalilag, White Cockatoo; four verses
  12. Maralgarra, Crow; six verses
  13. Djurrei, Eel; five verses
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