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Encounters with Indigeneity: Writing about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
Jeremy Beckett
Product Description
Jeremy Beckett is one of the most accomplished and insightful writers on Australian Indigenous matters. He has been a trail-blazer in his academic field in a number of ways. – Dr Melinda Hinkson, Australian National University
For four decades Jeremy Beckett has shone a light on previously marginalised fields of life. While the many went in search of ‘traditional culture’, Beckett was fascinated to learn about people who often lacked wider recognition of their Aboriginality. In the process he changed our understandings and highlighted the issues those people confronted. He has enriched our appreciation of the diversity of Indigenous identities and experiences.
He was an expert witness leading up to the Mabo decision, and has brought Australian Indigenous studies into a world framework.
His work continues to be influential to many: those who revisit his ideas here; and those who are newer to his work.
Jeremy Beckett taught anthropology in Australia and was a visiting professor in the US. He has carried out long term field research with Australian Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders including ethnomusicology, has been involved in native title recognition and in the contextualisation of Indigenous identities in the postcolonial world.

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