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Aboriginal Studies Press publishes high-quality works that provide an appreciation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, their histories, languages and cultures. They both inform and engage with national and international debates and discussions. The academic books are in a range of disciplines, with general-interest books like auto/biography and life stories, and community histories. ASP strives for high production values and a good number of the 120 publications have won awards. .

AIATSIS Research Publications will be available from this shop shortly. The imprint includes scholarly, peer-reviewed research on a range of topics deriving from the AIATSIS research program. They provide a space for Indigenous authors and for researchers working in collaboration with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people across Australia to reflect on their research and to explore new ideas.



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The Little Red Yellow Black Book (Fourth Edition)
AIATSIS with Bruce Pascoe
Dhurga Dictionary and Learner's Grammar
Compilers: Patricia Ellis, Kerry Boyenga & Waine Donovan
Melbourne Dreaming: A guide to important places of the past and present (Second edition)
Meyer Eidelson
Yijarni: true stories from Gurindji country
Edited by Erika Charola and Felicity Meakins
Old Man's story: The last thoughts of Kakadu Elder Bill Neidjie
Bill Neidjie as told to Mark Lang
Legend of the Seven Sisters, The: A traditional Aboriginal Story from Western Australia
May O'Brien (author) and Sue Wyatt (illustrator)
Aboriginal Ways of Using English
Diana Eades
Calling the shots: Aboriginal photographies
Jane Lydon